WooCommerce and Firearm Marketplace Product Listing automation. Synchronization with Distributor Feeds, and automate your firearms drop-shipping operation.

Built by FFL’s for FFL’sPurchase Cockpit & Checkout Bundle

Built by a FFL, for FFL’s. This plugin will help streamline inventory management by synchronizing with a series of firearm distributors.==
It was built to support my business, and I know it will help yours as well. See the plugin in-action on garidium.com.

Feature Highlights:

  • Configure 1-to-many supported distributors and feed products into your WooCommerce website, Gunbroker, AmmoSeek, WikiArms, and Gun.Deals.
  • We currently support the following distributors;
  • Inventory is then updated every 15-minutes to ensure in-stock quanities are updated continuously.
  • Easily set pricing and listing options, along with configuring the inclusion/exclusion of specific brands.
  • Based on availability and pricing, products are selected to lower overall cost automatically.
  • View a report of all items being listed, including pricing from each distributor.
  • This plugin can also synchronize your Gunbroker Listings.
  • Works with the g-FFL Checkout plugin to automatically mark firearms as requiring FFL selection during checkout.
  • Made specifically for firearms dealers to help with drop-shipping processes, but dropshipping is not a requirement.
  • Inventory Feed & Automated Fulfillment
    • Lipseys
    • Sports South
    • Zanders
    • 2nd Amendment Wholesale
    • Chatanooga Shooting Supplies
    • Bill HIcks (In Testsing)
    • RSR Group
  • Inventory Feed Only
    • AmChar
    • Camfour
    • Davidsons

Use a configuration panel to set distributors, pricing, and product target settings:

View inventory details, cost from different distributors. This list will update as you change and save your configuration. Products are synchronized every 20 minutes.