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FFL Cockpit: Gunbroker Setup

FFL Cockpit has an option to feed Gunbroker with listings sourced from Distributor feeds. Currently we don’t support feeding Gunbroker with Local Inventory though. We highly suggest that you setup account in Gunbrokers “Sandbox” environment. This is a test site where you can iterate on the settings in Cockpit to ensure your listings are looking good prior to pushing them out to production.

Steps to setup Gunbroker and test using the Sandbox Environment:

  1. SIgn up for a Gunbroker Sanbox Account here:
  2. Create a “Standard Text” entry in the Sandbox Environment by going here:
  3. Make note of the ID for the Standard Text Entry (1117 in the screenshot below)

4. Open up the FFL Cockpit Configuration Panel and navigate to “Targets –> gunbroker”

.5. Update your Sandbox username, password, from_postal_code, and standard_text_id fields

Important: Make sure your username and password are correct, they should be the same credentials you use to login to the site.

6. Make sure the environment drop down is set to sandbox.

7. If everything looks good, make sure the active setting is set to true.

8. Hit the Save button, the products you’ve configured based on your product restrictions should start feeding Gunbroker on the next Cockpit update (every 20 minutes)

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