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FFL Cockpit: Distributor Fulfillment Credentials

In order for fulfillment automation to ocurr, Cockpit will need to know your credentials for each Distributor. Each distributor has a different process and method for setting up accounts and credentials. Here is a guide for each Distributor to ensure you have the correct setup once you start receiving customer orders. Once you have credentials, you can enter those into the FFL Cockpit configuration panel under “Distributors –> [Distributor Name] –> Fulfillment” section.


For RSR, you must have a fulfillment account that is setup in their “Live API”. In order to ensure your account is setup properly, send the following note to:

(Copy on this email as well)

Dear RSR, Please activate my account (Include your account#) within your Live API system, so that my integrator (Garidium) can place electronic orders with my account.


Chattanooga uses a API “SID” and “Token” for their system to place orders electronically. API Credentials can be created or retrieved for your account using this link (you should be logged into your account first): You may need to contact your sales representative and have your account approved prior to this API token being available.

  • “API_SID”: “123FAX7XX7B318BF3DBA5ECE6C01230A”,
  • “API_TOKEN”: “123FAX7BAF240DX25BEEFA494F1234EC”


Zanders has multiple accounts to be configured within Cockpit. The two primary accounts used for drop shipping orders are your firearms and accessories account. If you don’t already have these credentials, you can reach out to your sales representative to first verify you have drop shipping enabled, and then ask for the credentials. These credentials look like what is shown below. Zanders historically has charged a $250 setup fee for drop shipping, which is refundable after a certain amount of sales. I recommend using Zanders as I’ve seen they typically have great pricing.       

firearms: {


          api_password: XBXB94D1-1234-4A1F-88E8-1B1B38C7A29A



          api_password: X4X572X1-123F-4CD6-BA96-EA1ED78118D6



          api_password: X4X572X1-123F-4CD6-BA96-EA1ED78118D6


Lipseys requires a specific drop-ship enabled account. Contact your sales representative to validate which account to use and enter those credentials within the Cockpit configuration.

If you have a drop ship account setup, login to Lipseys and you should see this at the top of the page: (Note the “DROPSHIP SALES” section. If you don’t see this, this isn’t your dropship account, and you need to create one.

Sports South

Sports South requires your account to be setup with a Web Services password. So we will need two main items for Sports South, your user which is typically a 4-5 digit number, and your Web Services Password, which is also typically a number. In order to request a Web Services Password, send an email to and ask specifically for your “Web Services Password”.

  • api_user: 99999,
  • api_password: 12345,
  • api_customer_number: 99999,

2nd Amendment

Create an API Token on 2nd Amendment’s Website here:

The token should look something like this:

  • API_TOKEN: m58jjossual350sqm8to45fx6g7m5gfs


Davidson’s has no way to submit orders automatically. You will have to login to Davidsons site and manually fulfill any order you receive on your website. We do not recomment adding Davidson’s to your site feed unless you don’t mind manually creating orders and reshipping them out to customers after you receive the items.


For MSR, you will need to have them create an API User for you. You can do this by contacting Bruce Keller. His email is:

Once you have the API user created, plugin for API username and password into the cockpit configuration.

Bill Hicks

For Bill Hicks, their IT department will need to know that you want to be part of the drop-shipping setup. Our current contact is Ashley Davis, who can be contacted at:

When emailing her, it’s important to tell her that you are working with Gary @ Garidium and will be using his integration services. That will help Ashley know what to do to get you setup.

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