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FFL Cockpit: Margin Settings

Margin settings are probably the most critical setup area witin FFL Cockpit, after all it’s what determines the list prices for products. Margin settings in Cockpit are actually a Net-Margin setup process. Cockpit will determine the total overall cost of an item for a customer, incorporating things like potential sales tax and shipping costs to determine what the credit card fees for a transaction is. These fees are then incorporated into the listing price as required. If you happen to use Cockpit to feed inventory to Gunbroker, the final value fees, and compliance fees that Gunbroker charges are also utilized to determine the proper listing price to meet the Margin requirements.

Everyone will have a default margin setting which includes both a margin_dollar, and margin_percentage setting. These two setting can be combined as well. Percentage are entered as a value between 0 and 1 representing 0 to 100%. So if you want a 10% margin you would enter 0.1.

You can have as many margin sections as you like, setting margin for specific product classes (ex: Set firearms to 15%, Ammo to $10, Accessories to 25%). If a product does not fall within a customer category, the pricing is based on the default settings.

MAP Compliance is automated: Margin settings will determine the initial pricing for a product, if the price is below the MAP price for that product, the listing price is automatically adjusted up to MAP. You have the option to ignore MAP for specific manufacturers as well, should that manufacturer have a MAP holiday, or otherwise do not enforce MAP..

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