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Shipping Setup

Cockpit does not assign shipping costs for your customers during checkout. This is because we cannot predict which items will be included in the cart, or where they will be sent to. What cockpit does provide is a series of WooCommerce “Shipping Classes” for every product listed. These shipping classes are based on the distributor and type of product (firearm or non-firearms). You can use these shipping classes to either defined flat-rate pricing for shipping or, use these shipping classes in more advanced shipping plugins that allow you to create rules for calculating shipping costs. If the below instructions are not what you are looking for, there are plenty of resources including many youtube videos on the topic, here is one for example: How to Configure Shipping in WooCommerce

For a basic setup, you can associate a Flat-Rate pricing, but first you’ll need a shipping zone. Once you have a shipping zone, like “United States” in the screenshot below, you can hit the “Edit” link on the right.

Next you want to make sure you have a Flat-Rate defined for the Shipping Zone. Go into the edit mode of that Flat Rate, by clicking the Edit Link.

Now you will see the different Shipping Classes defined for each product. In here is where you would enter in the costs associated to each Shipping Class.