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Listing products on aggregation sites (WikiArms,, AmmoSeek)

FFL Cockpit currently supports posting your website products on WikiArms,, and Ammoseek. While it’s included in FFL Cockpit, each of these listing services requires you to have a paid account with the provider. These services range from $180 to $500 per month or higher depending on the service levels you request. If you have an account with one or more of these sites, FFL Cockpit can generate a XML feed that will feed your product.

If you have an account and want to proceed, please email with your request and we can add the configuration section to your Cockpit setup. We only provide this service if you have an active account with one of these aggregation sites.

Once the configuration is in place, you will be able to configure which categories of product on your site you would like to post. We will provide you with a default configuration that utilizes FFL Cockpit based categories. You will then be able to add/remove categories as you wish. The only other configuration is the shipping_text field, where you can either just leave it blank or put text that is related to shipping costs. An example of this could be “Free Shipping” or “$15 Flat Rate Shipping”.

Once you have activated the feed by setting “active” to “true”), the product feed links will begin to generate. We will provide you with these links so that you can forward them on to the marketplace, Here is a sample link we would provide:

If you have any further questions, or want to start feeding products to these sites, please reach out to